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'EVERYDAY is an opportunity to learn something new'

I’ve been involved in the offshore industry for quite a while now (over 17 years). Like most of us, I started in the Oil & Gas industry.

I’ve been involved in drilling campaigns, Transport and Installation projects (Heera Topside Float-Over), Loadouts (Malikai) and Offshore Heavy Lifting (Thien Ung). This provided me with the opportunity in being part of large eye-catching projects on a global basis.

In view of the energy transition, I noticed a slight shift already about 15 years ago when I was responsible for towing a jack-up barge from Rotterdam to West Coast UK for the Robin Rigg Offshore Windfarm. Back then, this was one of the world’s first large scale Offshore Wind Farms.

“I believe there is always more we can do to make working offshore more efficient, effective and above all a safer place for the people at the front line.”

Commercial Tender Manager Commercial Tender Manager

Walk to Work Projects



Over the years, the demand for the energy transition became stronger for the Oil & Gas industry. Oil & Gas operators started with decommissioning of their platforms. Decommissioning is a challenging part of the offshore industry; every platform is different, and most platforms still in production haven’t been designed for removal. Removal involves an enormous time of verification of the (limited) available information and significant engineering hours before the actual offshore works. As a Commercial Manager Decommission, I was part of a team securing decommissioning contracts globally, which led to securing a contract for India’s first decommissioning project. The scope was the offshore removal of five topsides and five jackets, including and after that the onshore disposal.


I am currently involved in walk-to-work projects where we assist our clients in reaching their goals in the energy transition. These can, for instance, be decommissioning projects, installation and commissioning of offshore substations, installation of offshore wind farms foundations and commissioning and maintenance of wind turbines.

In walk-to-work operations, we can increase the safety of the projects and improve the overall operability of the offshore installation, decommission, and operations & maintenance projects.

I am still very enthusiastic about working in the offshore industry and working with offshore professionals around the globe.


‘Every day is different, and this enables us to develop ourselves continuously.’

Boudewijn Versluijs