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REPORT; 2020, The Netherlands

'Borssele Alpha/Beta OFFSHORE WIND/GRID

Job Title: Offshore Installation Manager (OIM)
Client: TenneT
Project Title: Borssele Alpha / Beta
Location: The Netherlands

Project Overview

The project’s initial scope was to complete an infield cable installation and termination and testing of Borssele wind farms. Following that, operations & maintenance of the Offshore high voltage stations (700 MW AC per platform). Jesse worked with Elbert Wervers, another of our experts,  to achieve this for the client.

Together, Jesse and Elbert brought a high safety awareness, working in an offshore environment, and several technical skills such as electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic. ESP Renewable experts can bring their knowledge and past experiences to improve the project based on lessons learned.

Offshore Installation Manager (OIM) Offshore Installation Manager (OIM)


Elbert Wevers worked on the project with Jesse.


As with many projects, there can be challenges, including the complexity of working in an offshore environment, a wide variety of people with different backgrounds and sometimes no experiences in the field. 

The offshore commissioning phase is finished, the operations and maintenance phase is ongoing, and Jesse is still involved in the day to day business of safety and effectively operating and maintaining the offshore assets.


‘Our experts are quick thinkers and bring together individuals to work as a team.’