Colin SHEfield-report-header-1920×1080 SHE Manager – HKZ

REPORT; The Netherlands & UAE

'Hollandese Kust Zuid (HKZ) WIND FARM

Job Title: SHE Manager 
Client: TenneT
Project Title: Hollandese Kust Zuid (HKZ) Wind Farm
Location: The Netherlands & UAE

Project Scope
Colin was tasked as the SHE Manager for the project. This covered the design, construction, installation and commissioning of Offshore and Onshore High Voltage Grid Connection.

Colin brings over twenty-five years of experience to any project. The HKZ Wind farm project needed an ‘all round’ approach with expertise in; Safety Management, Planning, Incident Investigation, Coaching, HAZOP, HAZID input, Risk Assessment, Contractor Management, Procurement, Auditing, Inspection, and Communication.

‘My knowledge from Offshore and construction projects across several countries and projects allowed me to use that knowledge to support the project and the team to find solutions and avoid repeating past mistakes.’



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There were many challenges, but keeping the perspective that Safety is a shared goal across countries, companies and contracts focuses people on solutions and finding a safe way that benefits everyone.


Unfortunately, Colin had to leave the project for a new assignment at the beginning of the offshore works.

‘I was happy to see the HKZA jacket installation at the end of my two years and the completion of the Onshore cable connections.’


‘Using Knowledge and Experience with a positive attitude is very rewarding. It was a pleasure to work in the TenneT HKZ team.’

Colin Atkinson, ESP Renewables