OSS Sandbank-field-report-header-1920×1080 Site Management

REPORT; June 2016

'OSS SANDBANK Offshore Substation

Jacob Visser
Job Title
: Site Manager
Project: OSS Sandbank
Location: Aalborg, Denmark


Jacob was appointed as the site manager to oversee the delivery of an offshore substation that would connect all the wind turbines to the grid. The load out of the substation was in spring 2016 from Aalborg, Denmark. 

As the site manager, Jacob was responsible for the overall site management of the project as well as being a point of contact for the technical expertise required to complete the substation. 


‘Every project has its own challenges, communication with ALL stakeholders is key’

The project was completed safely and on time – if you would like to read more about the OSS Sandbanks inauguration click here.