Asset Management

ESP Renewables can assure that the Asset organisation can operate the facilities successfully at project completion, ensuring maximum capacity and reliability.  

This would include the following:

  • Operations in Design is embedded within the Project Teams by use of global standard processes.
  • To ensure operating staff are trained in the necessary skills to execute safe working practices.
  • The interfaces in logistics and contract management are in place at the time of handover.

Asset Safety Integrity Process Management

Making sure you have the processes/systems and competence, and resources are crucial to any project. ESP Renewables can offer assurance that your Project Design is safe to operate via:

  • Hazard identification in Operations through HAZOPS, HAZID’S workshops during project execution.
  • Safety-Critical Equipment is identified to mitigate Main Accident Events from occurring
  • Safety Integrity Levels are correctly identified
  • BOW TIE processes have identified all barriers to safe working practices
  • Compliance with competent staff in safety-critical positions have been verified

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Eelke den Otter, ESP Renewables

Steve Temple has over 30 years of experience in the industry specialising in Operations Readiness and Asset Safety Integrity.