Aviation and Helicopter Consultancy

One of the unique areas of expertise from ESP Renewables is aviation, specifically in helicopter operations within offshore wind farms and helicopters for powerline inspections.

We can offer extensive aviation consultancy services to deliver a safe and dependable service.

We have a wide range of experience in supporting clients within helicopter operations (on and offshore).

We can support you across the following:

  • set up helicopter operations for offshore wind farms (from legal obligations to set up the operational procedures and auditing)
  • support, inspecting, testing and, if required, certification of a helicopter deck or hoisting area (including support systems such as firefighting systems, helicopter refuelling units etc.)
  • all types of inspections (before use, during operations etc.) and maintenance of helidecks employing certified helicopter deck inspector(s)
  • consultancy and support in helicopter operations in overhead power lines maintenance.

Jesse Don has worked across the industry for over a decade.

‘Exploring and creating new horizons with a group of trusted people within the industry’